BBS Art: Images Production For Art Industry

immagine astratta con chiazze di forme astratte dai molti colori brillanti con una dominante di colore rosso e toni di colore blu
immagine astratta con chiazze di forme dai molti colori brillanti con una dominante di colore rosso e toni di colore blu

BBS Art works in the art industry for the production of abstract art images to be used for commercial and editorial purposes.  BBS Art is a brand owned By Enterprise Consulting Agency.
The origination of images for commercial use started in 2006 with the production of pictures of food pertaining to the Recipe Website and to the corresponding YouTube Channel. The production activities concerning the creation of artistic images intended for the commercial, advertising and marketing fields and for the applied art sector started in 2010. Our customers include Halifax Vogel from Australia e Tiffany & Co. , New York. Other artworks created by Barbara Stamegna and Bruno Paolo Benedetti are integral part of fine home furnishings in Los Angeles, New York, and Norfolk, as well as in Italy.

The produced images are abstract, symbolic, conceptual and non-objective. They are
characterized by contrasting colors, shades, colors and images of nature, lights, and reflexes, by evocations of energetic forms and by a strong dynamism and developing and moving shapes.
The images are created by Bruno Paolo Benedetti and Barbara Stamegna and most of them are the results of the processing of digital art photographs and photos of original paintings, which gave life to a brand new project of image creation that we called PP Art , based on the fusion of painting and photograph.

Other images we used for the BBS applied arts are instead the original art photographs made by Bruno Paolo Benedetti or pictures of original paintings made by Barbara Stamegna.
Our Rights Managed Images are on sale with direct download.